The Shares System

The Design

We conceived the Shares system as a fair and easy system to distribute the earnings generated by our mining farms. Infinity Hash share holders are entitled to a share of the returns generated by all of our mining farms. As described before, immediately after the purchase of shares, new mining machines will be added to the mining farm in order to back them. Because of this, an investor's shares will not dilute, as they will always be backed by a growing number of mining machines.

Nevertheless, mining machines have a certain life expectancy and eventually break down or become obsolete. This would cause the mining farm to lose hashrate without reducing the number of shares, decreasing rewards for share holders. In order to address this issue and ensure that the mining farm does not shrink, we have introduced a self-renovating system through the revenue budget. Revenue Budget

While Infinity Hash share holders directly receive a large portion of the mining returns from our farm, we also use them for the purpose of funding reinvestment and repairs. In particular, mining returns are split in two different allocations. 50% is directly credited to Infinity Hash share holders on a daily basis. The other 50% goes to our reinvestment and repairs budget. The reinvestment and repairs budget is central to Infinity Hash's business model. With these funds, we are able to repair broken machines or replace them entirely once they become obsolete. This helps maintain or slightly increase the hashrate generated by our mining farms indefinitely. With the reinvestment budget we are able to modernize our equipment and ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of the Crypto mining industry.

Growing to Infinity But it goes beyond that. After financing repairs and obsolete machine replacement, any spare funds in the reinvestment and repairs budget are used to purchase additional mining machines for the farm. However, adding these new machines does not cause the issuance of additional shares. Because of that, this increase in hashrate for our farms will also increase rewards for all Infinity Hash share holders. Thanks to the reinvestment and repairs budget, Infinity Hash is one of the few Bitcoin mining investments that will not become unprofitable after the mining machines become obsolete or just fall apart. Infinity Hash shares will continue to earn rewards forever!

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