Infinity Hash's Mining Farms

The First Mining Farm

Our initial mining farm will use gas generators as a source of electricity. In order to guarantee a quick start, we have already secured the land and gas supply for this farm. The location we have chosen also has a repair shop close by, which reduces the down-time for broken down machines and general repair costs. It also has low average yearly temperatures, which act as a natural cooling system that further reduces energy costs.

This mine will be powered exclusively using gas generators. The gas will be sourced directly from local producers, guaranteeing extremely low prices for it. Natural gas is a very reliable source of energy, with prices barely fluctuating at all from one year to the next. It is also 50% to 60% less polluting than other fossil fuels like coal. Moreover, it does not require any additional means of transportation as it is delivered to the generator via gas pipeline.

The Second Mining Farm

The second farm will be set up once the first one grows to a big enough size. Although there is still work to do, we have already purchased the land where the farm will be installed and have an agreement for the provision of electricity with the local authorities. The electricity for this farm is generated locally, at a hydroelectric power plant. Hydroelectric power is fully renewable, produces no polluting emissions and is probably the most reliable green energy source. For this farm, the electricity price will be around $0.055 per KW/h. Although not as cheap as generating our own energy, this price is still very competitive, and should give us an edge over other miners using more expensive power sources.

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