Capital Investment Allocation

Fixed Costs and Variable Costs

Infinity Hash has made an initial investment to provide the necessary infrastructure for our first mining farm. This includes fixed costs such as land purchase and electricity generators. Nevertheless, we do not plan to amortize these costs through the sale of Infinity Hash shares. Instead, once the mining farm has grown to a large size, we will detract up to 10% of the reinvestment budget in order to finance team maintenance and amortization. In this way, we avoid slowing down the growth of the farm in its initial stages. These are the fixed costs we had to pay in order to set up our first farm before mining equipment could be installed:


Land Purchase


Gas Pipe Connection


Once we set up enough mining machines to reach the currently installed capacity, we will need to invest additional funds into infrastructure. The more funds we collect, the higher the investment allocation will be for the mining machines themselves. Because of that, the profitability of our farm will be higher, the more Infinity Hash shares we sell.

These are the necessary investment allocations in order to set up a farm with 1 MW of power generation:


Gas Generators per MW


Containers per MW


Mining Equipment per MW


Total Necessary Investment per MW


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