Additional Possibilities

Hydroponic Farms

As Infinity Hash owns the plots where the farms are deployed, we are free to use the land for other potentially profitable activities. One of the options could be using the excess heat produced by the miners to raise the temperature of a greenhouse built for the production of vegetables or fruit on hydroponic beds. Not only would this provide an additional source of revenue from the sale of the produce, it could also grant us tax benefits from becoming “critical infrastructure” as a food producer.

DAO Voting for Other Options

There is a number of alternatives we could pursue in order to generate revenue using the spare land on our farms. Infinity Hash investors will have a say in this, being able to put forward proposals on how the land should be used. In the future, we could take this one step further by founding a DAO. DAO participants would then have the power to make suggestions and vote of them. Those that are approved, could be then funded using the reinvestment budget. Nevertheless, in most cases the plans will also need to be approved by the local authorities.

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