The Infinity Hash DAO

Infinity Hash DAO

Distributing ownership of our mining infrastructure through shares opens some possibilities that we could pursue in the future. One option is to set up the Infinity Hash DAO. The DAO is a mechanism through which investors would be able to influence important decisions about the way Infinity Hash operates. These might be related to new investment possibilities such as new farms, or new machines capable of mining other cryptocurrencies.

One way in which we could do this would be giving Infinity Hash share holders holding 10,000 or more shares the power to send proposals to the DAO. Meanwhile, every share holder would then have a vote in these proposals. Voting power should always be proportional to the holdings of Infinity Hash shares.

In addition to that, Infinity Hash share holders possessing more than 10,000 shares will be entitled to a tour of our facilities, to see how our farms operate in person. This way you can verify in person how our mining farms work!

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