Mining Equipment

Mining Machines

For our farms, Infinity Hash uses only the latest generation mining machines bought directly from the manufacturers: MicroBT. At the moment, these are the MicroBT Whatsminer M50. The M50 is the newest model that this company produces, and its extremely high efficiency allows us to achieve excellent mining returns. In the future, as new models come out, we would continue to buy always the newest and most efficient miner models both to expand our operation and to replace old or broken machines.

The Containers

We manufacture two different sizes of purpose-built containers, the 20ft and the 40ft one. The sizes of these are the standard used for shipping all over the globe. Our mining containers are also equipped with built-in cooling systems to ensure optimal operational temperature for the machines. These are the capacities for both models:

  • 20ft Container: 250 Whatsminer M50 machines. 0.55MW to 0.85MW power capacity depending on equipment.

  • 40ft Container: 500 Whatsminer M50 machines. 1.1MW to 1.7MW power capacity depending on equipment.

Thanks to their standard shipping size, our containers can be easily transported from one place to another via truck, train or transport ship. This makes it easier for us to receive and install new containers as our farms continue to grow. It also makes it possible to move the operation to a different plot if needed.


Thanks to immersion cooling technology, our containers are able to recover 97% of the heat generated by the mining machines. The system ensures an optimal operation temperature for the machines, which significantly extends their lifespan. Moreover, heat recovery is good for the environment, and can constitute an additional source of revenue for Infinity Hash share holders. The hot water derived from the process can be sold on the open market, as there is demand for it in some northern locations. But there are other possible uses for this excess heat, such as warming up a greenhouse or an aquaponics system.

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