Marketplace and Payout Options

Marketplace At Infinity Hash we want to offer our clients the maximum possible flexibility for their investment. In order to provide this, we plan to offer a marketplace so that they may place their shares for sale at any price they choose. Other users will then be able to buy the shares from them instead of buying from Infinity Hash. In this way, Infinity Hash eliminates further investment risks, by offering a very simple way to cash out your investment in mining shares. Payout Options

By default, Infinity Hash shares will pay out Bitcoin mining rewards to share holders directly in Bitcoin. However, some users may prefer to get their rewards, or at least part of them in other currencies. For instance, a client might choose to get 50% of their rewards in stablecoin, and the other 50% in Bitcoin. Infinity Hash will offer these options, as well as the possibility to select a % of the rewards to be automatically reinvested into more Infinity Hash shares. This is a way for investors to compound their investment, and grow their rewards even faster. These payout options currently under development will be part of an advanced user dashboard, where Infinity Hash share holders will be able to consult all relevant information regarding their investment.

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