Security and Traceability

Ensuring the Safety of your Investment

At Infinity Hash, safety is our top priority. Because of this, we have put in place a series of measures to ensure the security of our operation, and the full traceability of all transactions. This way, investors are always well informed of all actions taken by the Infinity Hash team, and they can be sure that our operation is invulnerable to attack by any malicious agents. These are the main measures we have taken to ensure full transparency and security:

Transparency measures

  • Accessibility to full data on our miners, including a list of them with their model specifications and how much they have generated. Transaction ids for all relevant transactions will also be available so that they can be checked on a blockchain explorer.

  • Daily distribution of net earnings from the miners, which will be credited directly to Infinity Hash share holders.

  • Publication of a detailed monthly report where investors will be able to see specifically what Infinity Hash is spending the money on.

You can also consult our mining pool's monitoring tool in order to verify that the machines are actually running and earning rewards:

Physical Security Measures

  • Surveillance 24h a day with cameras in all of our facilities. Cameras will also be placed inside the containers and the feed from them will be available to all investors on Infinity Hash's official website.

  • Security personnel will be present in our facilities 24h a day.

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