Democratizing Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining Accessibility

While Bitcoin may be mined from any place with access to an internet connection, there are additional hurdles a potential mining investor will typically face. Even in cases where a cheap electricity source is available, mining machines are expensive. A person with only a few hundred dollars cannot hope to ever gain access to Bitcoin mining simply because they will not be able to afford the equipment. At the same time, setting up the mining machines requires some degree of technical knowledge and expertise. This results in a situation where most people do not have the possibility to invest in Bitcoin mining and obtain a profit. The Shares System

At Infinity Hash, we want to make a Bitcoin mining investment accessible to everyone, anywhere on the planet, regardless of their income, social status or technical knowledge. In order to achieve this, we have created the Shares system. Through the Shares system, mining machines are pooled together and divided into shares that are put for sale. This allows investors to buy as small a fraction of the pool as they want, and still earn mining rewards. Each of these shares will be sold for a very low price, in order to ensure that everyone is able to afford them. This could be around $1, but will vary according to market conditions. To avoid dilution and make certain that every dollar of investment in shares is always backed by an additional dollar in mining equipment; machines will be added to the pool immediately after the selling of new shares. For instance, if we sell 30,000 new shares, and the price of machines is $3,000, we will immediately add 10 new machines to the mining farm. Usually the adding of new machines will happen within 24h of having the available funds. This way you can be sure that the shares you bought will still be backed by the same or more mining power. The App

An additional obstacle that many people face, particularly in third world countries, is the unavailability of personal computers. By making Infinity Hash accessible through our official App, we ensure that owning a smartphone is enough in order to participate in Bitcoin mining. With around 7 billion smartphones in the world today, the Infinity Hash app will bring Bitcoin mining to every corner of the planet.

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