Infinity Hash's Solution

The Lowest Possible Energy Cost

To address the drawbacks associated with Bitcoin mining profitability, Infinity hash has opted for a very simple solution: produce your own energy. For Infinity Hash's Bitcoin miners we use two sources of electricity: hydroelectric, and gas generators. By producing our own electricity on site with gas generators, Infinity Hash reduces the effective energy costs of its Crypto mining operation down to less than $0.03 per KW/h. Meanwhile our contract with an energy provider guarantees provision at $0.055 per KW/h from a hydroelectric dam. These are lower electricity prices than what is publicly available in almost every country, making our operation extremely competitive at any scale.

Moreover, using these cheap and guaranteed energy sources eliminates the uncertainty caused by electricity price fluctuations, making our cost projections much more accurate. As we continue using cheaper electricity than most other Crypto miners, we can be sure that our operation will remain profitable in the long run, indefinitely providing a return on investment.

Mining Farms

For our farms, we have selected locations that would help us minimize costs in order to maximize profitability. At the moment we have plans for farms in two different locations, using different energy sources. Moreover, our operation is very flexible, and can be moved to other locations if necessary. This is thanks to the use of purpose-built containers, where the miners operate. These containers can be easily transported somewhere else without the need to build and pay for new infrastructure.

Our mining farms consist of a piece of land where we place containers and power generators. Our mining machines operate 24h a day from inside the containers, which are equipped with a fully integrated cooling system. Using containers saves us a significant amount of building and maintenance costs that would otherwise be required. It also makes the whole operation easily scalable. When all the containers are close to full, we can simply purchase additional ones, and deploy them within a few weeks.

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